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Below Ground Systems

770 underground electro-mechanical operator

The underground system is the new way of opening and closing residential gates with leaves of up to 2.5 metres in length. As is completely invisible, it does not change the appearance of the gate.

Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an electronic device installed on the 410 MPS - 450 MPS equipment, which directly controls drive torque. In case of an emergency, manual operation is assured by a special lever release system with customised key, accessible from both inside and outside.

The 770 model design includes a casing to house automated systems for gates of up to 500 kg per leaf, making installation simple. Corrosion-proof coating highly resistant to atmospheric agents, absolute weather-proofing, operator in protection class IP 67: all these are plus points in addition to the undoubted advantages of long-life and safety assured by electro-mechanical technology.

When maintenance is necessary, the operator can be simply removed from the foundation box without removing the gate leaf.

Technical specifications
Power supply 230 V ~ (+6% -10%) 50 (60) Hz
Electric motor Single-phase, bi-directional
Thermal protection on motor winding 140C
Motor rotation speed 1450 rpm
Absorbed power 380 W
Absorbed current 1,7 A
Torque 0330 Nm
Pinion angular velocity 6/s
Operating ambient temperature -20C +55C
Weight 14 kg
Leaf opening max angle 110 (140 with optional kit)
Deceleration by unequal levers
Protection class IP 67

Technical specifications of casing:

  • in steel with cataphoresis treatment
  • cover in stainless steel
  • leaf support bracket with key-operated lever release system


Non-reversing electro-mechanical concealed operator for swing-leaf gates

  • Leaf max length 2.5 m and max weight 500 kg
  • Max us frequency 20 cycles/hour
  • Underground installation
  • Leaf opening inwards or outwards
  • Max opening angle 110 or 140 (with optional kit)
  • Max torque 330 Nm
  • Transmission-shaft angular velocity 6/s
  • Electric motor power supply 230 V (+6% -10%) -50 (60) Hz
  • Electric motor power 380 W
  • Thermal protection at 140C built into motor winding
  • Protection class IP67
  • Operating ambient temperature -20C +55C
  • Operator body with corrosion proof treatment
  • Reduction ratio of motor/transmission shaft 1,450:1
  • Motion transmission levers
  • Leaf deceleration by unequal levers
  • Grease lubrication


  • Casing in steel with cataphoresis treatment
  • Cover in stainless steel
  • Leaf support bracket with key-operated lever release system
  • Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 430x308x156 mm
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