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Automatic Gates

Gates can be automated using electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical operators. Generally the rate of expected use and the physical size of the gates will determine the type of operator to choose.These operators can incorporate locking or be supplemented by an electric lock.

Safety is ensured by photocells which monitor the gate area during the closing cycle. If blocked, these will cause the gates to re-open and to remain open until cleared. In addition to this the operators can incorporate internal safety by-pass valves which can ensure reduced force during opening or closing if an obstacle is detected. We make sure that your site is safe for all to use.

We offer a choice of operating systems ranging from below ground concealed operators to above ground hydraulic rams and sliding gate systems.

Activation can be by numerous methods including:

  • Hand-held remote transmitters
  • Intercom systems to identify callers
  • Photocell switches that allow prolonged opening of the gates
  • Numeric sequence keypads to allow opening of the gates on receipt of a correct code
  • Induction loop detectors can allow free exit to all vehicles

There are three main types of gate system:

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